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There will be blood :D

lol, I liked the last part
Also, it seemed sort of odd that you would kill off one of the characters ;_;


I'm usually not that into uneventful flash films, but this one was different. Great animation coupled with an interesting, and humorous(spelling?) script makes for an excellent film.

I also enjoyed the opening music/ending music very much. It fit well with the overall message of the cartoon.


Fantastic animation does not make a movie. Sure, there's alot of blood- so it must be good, right?

No. I think these Madness flash movies lacks something, and what they lack of character. It's just senseless action, with no interesting characters or plots.

I suggest addding voices perhaps? A clear plot and point of the movie?
And even though that goes against the essence of the "Madness" genre, I think you should try something else. Because you are clearly skilled, but in my opinion you don't put it to the right use.

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6.39 - 54 accidents

This game was annoyingly hard. I died about 150 times on my first try, and was close to destroying the keyboard. So I tried again! And did much better - I even earned the 'Faster than Jill' medal, but here's the problem. It didn't actually save it. Nor the medal for simply completing the game. That's annoying! I had expected to get a proof of my somewhat nice time, but since the medals doesn't work -> Angryfaec.

Another problem was that I had to start over, if I wanted to go for the different gametypes (backwards, timeattack, one life), because I don't start at the last room, if I quit the browser and do something else.

But overall, it was a fun and challenging game, that gives you a sense of completion when you make it through all the levels.

Dynamic puzzle.

A very well-made game. If you had to describe it with one word, it would be dynamic for a few obvious reasons: There's always more than one method to complete a level and a few can be categorized as lucky.

Physics in games have always been awesome, but this game adds that up to some great puzzles. A very good game, and highly entertaining. Infact it made me smile.

The achievements are a nice feature too.

Quickly grows boring.

The idea of everything being reversed is quite fun, but that's as far as it goes. The core gameplay is repetive, and gets boring rather fast. You'd play it for a ten to fifteen minutes before you close it and yawn. The whole white/black graphics is perhaps something you should change. It would be more entertaining if it had more depth, such as a background or anything remotely similar to colours.

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This is a timewaster.

This is the kind of music you can be listening to all day, without getting bored. I spent about half my time, doing a schoolproject listening to this. Of course, my partner got annoyed but i continued to enjoy this -masterpiece-.

I don't know if it has some sense of rythm, but nonetheless it's great!

ke200 responds:

Cheers! Yeah, there's one or two errors with rhythm here and there... it was made by filming each note (yes, filming) and then puting each note together. Between each even section of notes is a single longer note which is harder to join up to the second section, especially on video-editing software, hence it sometimes goes slightly off-rhythm during each join. Glad you enjoyed!

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